Easy Care & Maintenance Guide for your Stone Worktops


    • All of our stone surfaces are sealed to provide a protective coating, which reduces the porosity of the natural surface.

    • All our customers need to be aware of the properties of the material they have purchased such as veining, porosity, surface pitting, cracks or vents. Ideally, stone should be viewed before the fabrication process starts.

    • Work surfaces should be cleaned regularly using a damp Microfibre cloth and neutral detergent, rinsed with clean water and buffed dry using a soft clean cloth.

    • Never use abrasive cleaning products such as metal pads and scouring detergents on your worktops, as these can affect the finish over time. Also avoid alkaline and chlorine based cleaners and do not use bleach.

    • Please be aware that any acidic products i.e. olive oil, citrus liquids, fizzy drinks, wine, vinegars etc will leave marks on the surfaces so must be wiped immediately. Strongly coloured foods, i.e. curry, saffron, beetroot, red wine, blackcurrant etc can cause staining so should be cleaned up immediately.

    • Should any type of spillage occur, wipe off as soon as possible.

    • Do not expose your worktops to excessive heat. It is best to have a trivet, or similar, to place your pans on when taken directly from the hob.

    • Avoid contact with edges of worktops as chipping may otherwise occur.

    • As with any high quality worktops, care should be taken against possible scoring with knives or other cutting tools and chopping-boards should always be used.

    • For Silestone worktops we would suggest the use of Cif cleaner.

    • For Caesarstone worktops we would suggest the use of Astonish.

Please contact us with any other queries, or if you would like to purchase a Care Kit to suit your individual worktop, which we would highly recommend.

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