digital templating

     Digital Templating

     In September 2011 we moved to a digital templating system. 
     Taking receipt of the Bretton L.T.55 Digital Laser Templating Machine, 
     we can pass on benefits of this system: 

  •      •  We can offer a quicker turn-around service.

  •      •  Precise measuring using laser technology.

  •      •  No plastic sheeting required and therefore more ecological to the environment.

  •      •  Technical drawings can be emailed straight to the factory for immediate fabrication, where possible. 

     We have also invested in a brand new Gmm Egil CNC Saw which, coupled with the precision 
     of the laser templating machine, we can fully maximise the stone usage and minimise wastage. 
     Other benefits include: 

     •  Automated, fast and efficient cutting.

  •      •  Radius cutting down to a 200mm circle.
  •      •  Perfect 45 degree mitred edge cutting achievable for built up edges.