Elegant, rich and exceptionally hardwearing... a granite surface provides the ultimate natural stone choice for kitchen and bathroom worktops in both traditional and contemporary homes. Painstakingly selected from high quality producers across the world, granite is available in a vast choice of natural colourways with distinctive bold markings and flowing pattern variations, of which only a small selection are shown on the website.


Polished to a high sheen and precision-cut to accommodate hobs, sinks, taps, wash basins and drainer grooves granite suits a wide variety of applications and is highly practical and virtually maintenance free, as well as exceptionally beautiful.

As well as granite, marble, limestone, slate and quartzite are other natural products which we can supply and fit to transform your home.

TNC are also an APPROVED SILESTONE fabricator and installer - these engineered quartz products are availble in a wide range of colours.

With immense attention-to-detail, time-honoured skills and a wide selection of product held on site, TNC can meet all your needs in transforming your home or business environment.